Friday, January 09, 2004

American Experience | The Presidents | PBS

American Experience | The Presidents | PBS This is a collection of research developed for the PBS television series. Includes a review of all 20th century chief executives, a collection of Presidential quotes, links to related sites, a comprehensive collection of primary source materials, and a teachers' guide.

From the site:

Henry Adams, the American historian and the grandson and great-grandson of presidents, said the president "resembles the commander of a ship at sea. He must have a helm to grasp, a course to steer, a port to seek." Indeed, each of our presidents has taken America on a slightly different voyage--voyages shaped largely by how each sitting president has defined the institution of the presidency. Some have been more bold and adventuresome than others--working to mold public opinion and actively pushing their programs through Congress. Others have not ventured far--feeling that presidential intervention often causes more problems than it solves.

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