Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Faith of George W. Bush

The Faith of George W. Bush This book is by Stephen Mansfield. It explores the religious beliefs of President George W. Bush.

From a review at Publisher's Weekly:

In this favorable look at the politics and faith of the nation's current president, Mansfield, who has penned several historical biographies with faith emphases, examines Bush's spiritual journey and discusses how it shapes his administration. Although he writes that Bush's faith has waxed and waned over the years, Bush "is among a small number of American presidents to have undergone a profound religious transformation as an adult... he came to the presidency, then, with the zeal of the newly converted." To understand the president's brand of faith, Mansfield traces his family legacy, his boyhood in Midland, Tex., his playboy years and his lifelong love affair with baseball. Bush's marriage to Laura helped stabilize him spiritually, and Mansfield details later encounters with evangelists Arthur Blessit and Billy Graham that he believes were pivotal in Bush's spiritual formation. He also shows the role of Bush's Christianity in running for various offices, implementing faith-based initiatives and responding to 9/11 and war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Throughout the book, Mansfield offers his own interpretations about events in writing that is often rich and specific in detail. Noticeably absent is commentary on Bush's controversial environmental policies and how his faith has-or has not-informed them. But Mansfield is correct when he writes that "whatever else the presidency of George W. Bush imprints on American history, it will at the least have granted the nation an opportunity to rethink the role of religion in its public life."

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