Wednesday, February 18, 2004

First Ten Presidents of the United States of America - Home Page

First Ten Presidents of the United States of America - Home Page This is small site which provides brief but well written biographies of the first ten presidents. It is hosted at geocities which means it is liable to vanish at any time but I think it is worth noting.

From the site:

To remember the achievements of America's early Presidents, one need only call to mind the beliefs most widely cherished by so many of the American people: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights ......... to name but a few. America's first Presidents laid the bedrock on which America was built and on which America still stands today. It is a foundation which has remained fundamentally unchanged for over two hundred years, affording stability and confidence to the American people from generation to generation.

The following pages deal with the lives of America's first ten Presidents and are dedicated in their honor. A short biography, provided by the White House, of each of these Presidents is included together with specific links to additional information available on the internet. I am certain, that having read the brief account of each of their lives, you will agree that America is eternally indebted to these remarkable men.

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