Friday, February 06, 2004

James Monroe

James Monroe This is a biography of President James Monroe. It is from USA Presidents.

From the site:

James Monroe ( April 28 , 1758 - July 4 , 1831 ) was the fifth ( 1817 - 1825 ) President of the United States . He is credited with the development of the Monroe Doctrine .

His parents Spence Monroe (c. 1727 - 1774 ) and Elizabeth Jones (born c. 1729 ) were well-to-do farmers.

In 1802 , then-president Thomas Jefferson sent Monroe to Paris to assist in the negotiations of the Louisiana Purchase .

Monroe's presidency was later labeled "The Era of Good Feeling", in part because partisan politics were almost nonexistent. The Federalist Party had died out, the Whig Party had not yet risen, and practically every politician belonged to what is now known as the Democratic Party . Monroe, the last American Revolutionary War veteran to serve as president, was almost uncontested in his two elections.

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