Tuesday, February 24, 2004

John Tyler

John Tyler This is a good biography of President John Tyler. It is from USA Presidents.

From the site:

John Tyler ( March 29 , 1790 - January 18 , 1862 ) of Virginia was the tenth ( 1841 ) Vice President of the United States , and the tenth ( 1841 - 1845 ) President of the United States . He was the second President born after the signing of the Declaration of Independence , and the first to assume the office of President following the death of his predecessor.

He studied law with his father, John Tyler (1747-1813), who became Governor of Virginia (1808-1811), and followed his father as governor (1825-1827) after a stint in the House of Representatives. During his time as U.S. Senator, Tyler, who had begun as a strict state-rights Democrat, grew increasingly alienated from the Jacksonian Democrats, especially by Jackson's aggressive handling of the South Carolina nullification issue.

Drawn into the newly-organized Whig Party , Tyler was elected Vice President in 1840 as running mate to William Henry Harrison , on the slogan "Tippecanoe—and Tyler too!" and assumed the presidency upon Harrison's death a month into his term.

Tyler was the first Vice President to assume the Presidency in this manner. On April 6 , 1841 , he took the Presidential oath of office as specified by the Constitution. The Cabinet and Congress agreed with Tyler that he was President and not merely Acting President, and as the Constitution was not explicit on that aspect of succession (until the 1967 ratification of the 25th Amendment ), both the House and Senate passed resolutions recognizing Tyler as President.

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