Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Hall of Forgotten Presidents

The Hall of Forgotten Presidents This site is a tribute to presidents who supposedely no one remembers. (I do!) It gives a brief summary of their lives and achievements. Ultimately, Arthur, Tyler, and Polk are identified and chronicled as forgotten, yet important, Presidents. (What! Martin Van Buren didn't make the cut?)

From the site:

Their names have reverberated throughout the annals of history:
Washington; Jefferson; Jackson; Lincoln; Roosevelt; Reagan.
We all know of these great men and their deeds.

But there have been others who also achieved the pinnacle of
public office in the United States, yet are seldom mentioned.

We don't learn about them as kids in school. No movies have ever been made about their lives. Few (if any) highways, bridges or schools are named after them. They do not appear on coins or bills. They rarely appear on postage stamps. These poor souls are THE FORGOTTEN PRESIDENTS.

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