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James Garfield

James Garfield This is an excellent biography of President Garfield. It is from USA Presidents.

From the site:

James Abram Garfield ( November 19 , 1831 - September 19 , 1881 ) was the 20th ( 1881 ) President of the United States , the first left-handed President, and the second U.S. President to be assassinated .

He was born in Orange , Cuyahoga County, Ohio , southeast of Cleveland . He was named for his older brother James Ballou Garfield, who died in infancy, and his father, Abram Garfield. His father died in 1833 , when James Abram was 18 months old, and he grew up cared for by his mother and an uncle.

From 1851 - 1854 he attended the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute (later named Hiram College ) in Hiram, Ohio . He then transferred to Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts , from which he graduated in 1856 , as an outstanding student who enjoyed all subjects except chemistry . He then taught at the Eclectic Institute. He was an instructor in classical languages for the 1856 - 1857 year, and was made president of the Institute from 1857 to 1860 .

On November 11 , 1858 , he married Lucretia Randolph. They had five children. A son, James Rudolph Garfield, followed him into politics and became Secretary of the Interior under Theodore Roosevelt .

Garfield decided that being an academician was not his desire, and studied law privately, becoming admitted to the bar in Ohio in 1860 . Even before admission to the bar, he entered politics, becoming an Ohio state senator in 1859 , serving until 1861 . He was an enthusiastic Republican all his political life.

He noteably found a proof for the Pythagorean Theorem in 1876 .

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