Saturday, May 15, 2004

President Chester A. Arthur State Historic Sites -

President Chester A. Arthur State Historic Sites - Describes the historic childhood home of Chester Arthur in Fairfield, Vermont.

From the site:

While many Americans remember Calvin Coolidge as “the President from Vermont,” most forget that another of our Chief Executives hailed from the Green Mountain State. Vermont’s “other President” was Chester Alan Arthur. Both Coolidge and Arthur were born in small farming communities and both, as Republican U.S. Vice Presidents, succeeded to the Presidency upon the death of the incumbents. Like many of their contemporaries, both men left their native state to attain political prominence.

Some mystery surrounds the early years of Chester A. Arthur. The most frequently asked question is “Where was he born?” The President Arthur State Historic Site is a 1953 recreation of the second house in which Arthur lived as an infant. The confusion stems from the fact that Arthur himself told people that his birthyear was 1830 (it was actually 1829). The building in which he was born was actually a primitive cabin hastily erected in the village of Fairfield. The Baptist Congregation later completed the parsonage where the family moved shortly after the birth of the future president. It was this parsonage which was reconstructed by the State of Vermont.

The granite monument, dedicated in 1903, is situated on a small plot of land presented to the State of Vermont by P.B.B. Northrop. At that time it was believed this was the location of the birthplace of Chester Arthur. In 1950 the State of Vermont purchased the land around the monument and the present building was recreated in 1953 using as a guide an old photograph of the house which stood on this site.

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