Monday, May 17, 2004

Richard M. Nixon (United States Presidents)

Richard M. Nixon (United States Presidents) This book is by Michael A. Schuman.
It is aimed at middle school aged children.

From a School Library Journal Review:

Schuman opens with an account of Nixon's historic trip to China in 1972 and then covers his life, both personal and public, in chronological order. The author makes an obvious effort to be objective about his subject, admiring his ambition, perseverance, and stamina, but he also describes the man's flaws and weaknesses and gives readers a complete overview of the Watergate scandal. The final chapter discusses Nixon's legacy, drawing on both the positive and negative assessments of the historians who continue to debate his place in history. The author provides some background information and uses primary sources to give readers additional details. Average-quality black-and-white photos and reproductions of source documents add to the text. This book includes both the final years of Nixon's life and the continuing reassessments of his career in the years since his death that are not found in older titles. However, Rachel Barron's Richard Nixon (Morgan Reynolds, 1998) offers more detail and a better examination of how Nixon's personality shaped his long and eventful career.-

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