Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Coolidge Experience

The Coolidge Experience Another Geocities site which I fear will vanish once it is blogged...This is a biographical site with sections about his early years, political life, and presidency. Also provides a selection of Cal's quotes, trivia, and guestbook.

From the site:

Welcome to the Coolidge Experience. This page is devoted to the 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. President Coolidge was not the most exciting president in our nation's history. During his presidency there were no affairs with interns, re-counts, impeachment trials, wars, recessions, troubles with Florida voters, etc. His presidency was one a proud one. He is one of few presidents that made the country better after he left then when he arrived in office, except the Great Depression which he was not responsible for. He was an honest man, from a small town, who possessed great morals. He might not have been the greatest nor is he well-known in our nation's history, but he is a man of integrity that we shall all be proud of and we should all be grateful for his duty in the Oval Office.

This website contains many features. If you would like to learn about President Coolidge's life click on a button on the left corresponding to which part of his life you would like to learn about. We have divided his life into three categories, Early Life, Political Life, and Presidency. Early Life is about his childhood and life before politics. Political Life tells you about his life in the politics from bottom up. Presidency describes his life as president and his life after his life at the White House. The Interesting Info tells you extra information you might not know about President Coolidge. The Quotes tells you famous quotes said by Silent Cal. Finally, the Coolidge Quiz is a little test of your knowledge on President Coolidge.

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