Monday, June 07, 2004

William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft This a nice short biography of President Taft. It is from USA Presidents.

From the site:

William Howard Taft ( September 15 , 1857 - March 8 , 1930 ) was the 27th ( 1909 - 1913 ) President of the United States , and the 10th Chief Justice of the United States .

He was born on September 15 , 1857 in Cincinnati, Ohio . A prominent Republican, Taft's father served as secretary of war under President Ulysses S. Grant . The younger Taft began his political career in Ohio shortly after joining the bar in 1880 .

In 1900 , President William McKinley appointed Taft chair of a commission to organize a civilian government in the Philippines which had been ceded to the United States at the close of the Spanish-American War . From 1901 to 1904 Taft served successfully as the first civilian governor of the Philippines. In 1904 Theodore Roosevelt named Taft as Secretary of War .

After serving nearly two full terms, popular Theodore Roosevelt refused to run in the election of 1908 . Instead, he promoted Taft as the next Republican president. With Roosevelt's help, Taft handily defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan . Throughout his presidency, Taft contended with dissent from more liberal members of the Republican party, many of whom continued to follow the lead of former President Roosevelt.

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