Monday, July 26, 2004 Resources about Calvin Coolidge include biography, quotations and humor. Many links to other educational, presidential and informational sites.

From the site: is an educational,inspirational and character and values based website. It is the largest, instantly available, source of information about President Calvin Coolidge on the Internet. Receipts received from site advertising will be used to partially defray the cost of establishing and maintaining this site.

Many other institutions, most notably The Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum at The Forbes Library and the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, offer highly professional and scholarly insights, and a far greater potential depth of information, than is offered here. Further research through them and other sources is highly recommended and encouraged. This site is intended to be a bridge to that knowledge, not an end in itself.

Calvin Coolidge exemplified character and values throughout his life. A principal objective is to highlight these values for emulation and to serve as an inspiration for a better life. The President's principles are also particularly apt for those engaging in, or aspiring to, public service.

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