Thursday, July 29, 2004

Presidential Gerald R. Ford Visits Ayers Kaserne - 1975

Presidential Gerald R. Ford Visits Ayers Kaserne - 1975 The President visited US personnel in the 1st Brigade, 3d Armored Division at Ayers Kaserne, Kirchgoens, West Germany, in July 1975. Text and audio of his speech to the US forces are on this site, as well as photos.

From the site:

Not since President John F. Kennedy's visit to 3d Armored Division at Fliegerhorst Kaserne in Hanau had an American President visited the division. Then in 1975, President and Commander-in-Chief, Gerald R. Ford, visited 1st Brigade, 3d Armored Division at Ayers Kaserne (Kirchgöns, Germany) on 27 July 1975. He was accompanied by General Alexander M. Haig Jr. (Supreme Allied Commander, Europe), Colonel Louis C. Wagner, Jr. (Commander, 1st Brigade, 3AD); and Georg Leber (German Minister of Defense).

The annual Brigade picnic was held at the same time, and was co-sponsored by the 1st Brigade and its partnership unit, the German 13th Panzer Brigade. At this picnic, President Ford addressed the troops of 1st Brigade.


Forrest said...

I was at this event. President Ford gave the whole 1st Brigade a 3-day weekend as I recall. The Brigade Commander was taken by surprize with that decalration. He was not expecting the President to make such a decision.

It was a good day.

Andy 72-76 said...

I already Had 3 days off for previous duties and I did not get any extra what a SHAME plus I had been on The Rock since Jan. "73 until June "76 and this is and was the only picinic that was ever held..What a Dog n Pony Show.Shook Fords hand twice and when he was getting on top of an armored vehicle someone gave him a Bier and his first step after that he stumbled. Image That

George Padgett said...

I was a 1LT in 2/32 Ar that day. My duty was to make sure that no one was in the barracks during the speech. Security forces certainly did not want anyone to be able to shoot at him from the third floor. I wasn't able to see him because of my duties.

I was told today that Ayers Kaserne has been torn down completely.

Doug Seals said...

I was also there that day. Shook the president's hand. That's right, we did get a long weekend out of it, I'd forgotten! I recall that during the weeks leading up to the visit, that virtually EVERYthing on that post was repainted. Even rocks, etc. They also resurfaced the road outside the post, and then he arrived by helicopter!

Anonymous said...

Was also their that day as a member of 3/33 "B" co....Was able to reach out and Shake his hand and still have the Stars & Stripes newspaper of the event.Also remember a secret service agent leveling a G.I who ran up behind the president with a camera.And remember the days off he gave us.

Anonymous said...

I was there that day, we did get a day of. I got great pictures and am looking for anyone else from the 2nd batt. 36th inf csc. 1975-1978. especially hq platoon

Anonymous said...

Richard LaLoge
I was there. I would point out it was the first and last 1st Brigade 'Annual' Picnic.

Unknown said...

Wasn't there until 81 but had always remember an older sergeant that was there telling us that only the sides of the buildings that could be seen from the pre-determined route was painted, like I said wasn't there but that always stuck in my head.