Thursday, August 12, 2004 - Rutherford B. Hayes wasn't such a bad guy - December 11, 2000 - Rutherford B. Hayes wasn't such a bad guy - December 11, 2000 Article considers Hayes' one-vote win and subsequent administration in light of the disputed 2000 election.

From the site:

After more than a century in history's footnotes, Rutherford B. Hayes is back, his presidency cast -- not to say recounted -- as an example of the bad things that can happen in a disputed election.

The nation and the world can't afford his like in the White House now, Democratic Sen. Bob Graham of embattled Florida said of the 19th president, without suggesting which of the two 2000 candidates to become the 43rd that might be.

But a closer look indicates that Hayes -- "His Fraudulency," as Graham put it -- wasn't such a bad guy or ineffective president after all.

He was the winner in the most questionable of presidential elections, in 1876, settled with deals and favors for the Republicans after their man lost the popular vote and probably a fairly counted electoral vote to Democrat Samuel J. Tilden.

Hayes won with the electoral votes of four disputed states, three in the South, among them Florida, after a contest that wasn't settled until March 2. Inaugurations were then held on March 4 -- a day later in Hayes' case so it wouldn't be on a Sunday.

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