Sunday, September 12, 2004

Astrocartography of President Truman

Astrocartography of President Truman. If you find astrology interesting, this presidential horoscope may be of interest. The focus on how the planetary metaphor of Saturn was reflected in Truman's life and work. It is always easy to intrepret this stuff correctly after the fact isn't it?

From the site:

Harry S. Truman, the thirty-third President of the United States (1945-1949; 1949-1953), assumed the presidency during an unprecedented time of shifting power allegiances in the greater world order. Vice-president under Franklin D. Roosevelt, Truman succeeded to the presidency after FDR’s death on April 12, 1945 and was suddenly confronted with the burden of several “significant responsibilities” (Primary Saturn), such as the task of end­ing World War II and of planning the subsequent economic reconstruction of Europe.

As we can see on Truman’s astrocartography, Primary Saturn rises over the southern tip of Japan and curves north, over the western coast of North and South Korea and across northern China. This astrocartographic pattern points to the three major issues of the Tru­man presidency: dropping the atom bomb in southern Japan; the Korean War; and averting a war with Communist China, partially through Tesla’s controversial dismissal of the pop­ular, right-wing officer, General Douglas MacArthur.

Hiroshima (34N24; 132E27) and Nagasaki (32N48; 129E55) lie in close proximity to Truman’s Primary Saturn line. Hiroshima, the first populated city to experience the devas­tation of an atomic bomb, suffered injuries and loss of life totaling to almost 130,000 peo­ple, with 90% of the city destroyed. In Nagasaki 75,000 people were either killed or maimed and a third of city was obliterated. Since 1955, Hiroshima has hosted an interna­tional conference on the threat of nuclear weapons, and both cities have become living symbols of the terrors of the nuclear age, with its inherent threat of apocalypse.

Truman’s Secondary Mercury runs parallel to the curving rising line of Primary Sat­urn; Mercury rises over the central Chinese coast and forms a Transcendental Midpoint-Field with Saturn over China’s political power center, Beijing (39N55; 116E25). Truman’s administration bore the brunt of Republican criticism when Chiang Kai-shek’s so-called Nationalist forces, which had received little substantial backing from the president, were forced to withdraw from the mainland to the island of Taiwan. Again, we see on Truman’s astrocartography that Secondary Mercury curves in a Transcendental Rising position over the Chinese coast and is also situated directly over Taiwan.

An integral part of the Truman Doctrine concerned itself with the threat of the spread of Communism, particularly in postwar Europe and Asia. On June 30, 1950, five days after the invasion of South Korea by the Communist North, President Truman authorized the introduction of American military forces in support of the South. Again, as we can see on his astro-map, Primary Saturn rises precisely above the west coast of Korea. In Novem­ber, after driving the Communists back to the Yalu River area bordering China, the Chi­nese launched an unexpected counteroffensive. The line of Truman’s Primary Saturn reflects the path of this Chinese invasion from the north, which shifted the center of the Korean conflict back to the 38th parallel.

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