Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter. This is a well done biography of President Carter. It is from USA Presidents.

From the site:

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. (born October 1 , 1924 ) was the 39th ( 1977 - 1981 ) President of the United States . Since leaving office, he is active in international public policy and conflict resolution. He is also an author and winner of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize .

Carter was born in the town of Plains , Georgia , the first president born in a hospital. He grew up in nearby Archery . He attended Georgia Southwestern College and the Georgia Institute of Technology , and received a B.S. degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1946 , the same year he married Rosalynn Smith. He served on submarines in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets, and was later selected by Admiral Hyman Rickover for the U.S. Navy's nuclear submarine program. Upon the death of his father in 1953 , he resigned from the Navy and became a peanut farmer in Plains.

Early political career

In the 1960s he served two terms in the Georgia State Senate.

In his 1970 campaign Carter was elected governor on a pro- George Wallace platform. Carter's campaign aides handed out thousands of photographs of his opponent, the liberal former Gov. Carl Sanders , showing his opponent associating with black basketball players. On the stump, Carter pledged to reappoint an avowed segregationist to the state Board of Regents. He promised as his first act to invite former Alabama Gov. George Wallace into the state to speak. Old-line segregationists across the state endorsed Carter for governor.

But following his election, Carter said in speeches that the time of racial segregation was over, and that racial discrimination had no place in the future of the state. He was the first white southern politician to say this in public (such sentiments would have signaled the end of the political career of white politicians in the region less than 15 years earlier), so his victory attracted some attention as a sign of changing times. Carter served as governor of the state of Georgia from 1971 to 1975 but failed in his re-election bid, having alienated both the voters and the state legislature through what has been described as an imperial style of governing.

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