Thursday, September 23, 2004

Medical History of President George Bush

Medical History of President George Bush. Describes all of Bush's ails, from his thyroid to his abnormal heart rhythm to his vomiting on the Japanese Prime Minister.

From the site:

As a high school senior Bush almost died from a staphylococcal infection in his right arm. He spent weeks recovering at Massachusetts General Hospital. Antibiotics, in the form of sulfa drugs, were available in that era, but, curiously, they were not used [3a].

Bush's plane was downed twice during his service as a Naval Aviator in World War II. On the second occasion, he struck his head on the tail of the airplane as a result of being ejected from the plane, sustaining a deep gash in his forehead. Effects from smoke in the cockpit and swallowing seawater after landing in the Pacific Ocean nauseated him. He was rescued by an American submarine some hours later [3b].

Bush had bleeing ulcers in the 1950s-1960s timeframe, the last apparently in 1960. He also suffered from heartburn about this time, which he treated with Pepto-Bismol [3c].

Bush came from athletic parents and has participated in athletics and fitness activities most of his life. He began playing tennis at age 5 and was on the baseball team in college. He began regular jogging at age 51, while head of the CIA. In 1991 he was quoted as saying: "I used to do four miles in about eight minutes and fifty seconds per mile, but age has been catching up with me." [3d].

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