Friday, September 10, 2004

Taft Summer White House

Taft Summer White House. Information about Taft's summer homes in Beverly, MA, during his four years as President 1908-11. The story, photos, political cartoons, text from local newspapers, and links to other Taft sites.

From the site:

Welcome to The William Howard Taft Summer White House web site!

William Howard Taft [15 September 1857 - 8 March 1930] was our 27th President, and served from 1909 -1913.

This site was designed to display just some of the Taft related items that exist within the Beverly Historical Society's collections.

The site also contains the text from Beverly newspaper articles, and pictures of historical events for the years 1909 - 1912.

Taft decided after the election of 1908 to spend the summers of 1909 - 1912 in the small New England seacoast city of Beverly, Massachusetts.

And thus the "Summer White Houses" and the "Summer Capital" in Beverly, Massachusetts entered into history.

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