Monday, October 18, 2004

Benjamin Harrison's Obituary

Benjamin Harrison's Obituary - Reproduced from the March 14, 1901, issue of The New York Times.

From the site:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 13. -- Benjamin Harrison, ex-President of the United States, died at 4:45 o'clock this afternoon. His death was quiet and painless, there being a gradual sinking until the end came, which was marked by a single gasp for breath as life departed from the body of the great statesman. The relatives, with a few exceptions, and several of his old and tried friends, were at the bedside when he passed away.

The General's condition was so bad this morning, after a restless night, that the attending physicians understood that the end could not be far off, and all bulletins sent out from the sickroom were to this effect, so that the family and friends were prepared when the final blow came. The gradual falling of the remarkable strength shown by the patient became more noticeable in the afternoon, and a few moments before the end there was an apparent break-down on the part of the sufferer as he surrendered to the disease against which he had been battling for so many hours. The change was noticed by the physicians and the relatives and friends, who had retired from the sickroom to the library below, were quickly summoned and reached the bedside of the General before he passed away.

News of the death spread quickly through the city and several of the more intimate friends at once hurried to the Harrison residence. Within a few moments after the announcement of the death the flags on all the public buildings and most of the downtown business blocks were hoisted at half mast and other outward manifestations of mourning were made.

None of Gen. Harrison's children were present at his death. Neither Russell Harrison not Mrs. McKee had reached the city, although both were on their way as fast as steam could carry them. Elizabeth, Gen. Harrison's little daughter, had been taken from the sickroom by her nurse before the end came.

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