Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Jimmy Carter: Born again statesman

Jimmy Carter: Born again statesman. The BBC examines how Jimmy Carter has rehabilitated his reputation with his success in mediating in international conflict. It Discusses his trip to Cuba in 2002 as an example.

From the site:

When, in 1977, James Earl Carter Jr blew into Washington DC "like a Southern breeze", the 39th President of the United States symbolised a bright, new future.

It wasn't all smiles during his presidencyHe'd emerged from the obscurity of a peanut farm in his native Georgia as a man of honesty, armed with the slogan "Trust Me".

With the country still reeling from the Watergate scandal, this platform had much appeal. With unprecedented informality, he insisted on being called Jimmy, and he and his wife Rosalynn walked hand-in-hand from Capitol Hill to the White House on inauguration day.

Yet, Jimmy Carter was dumped from the presidency after serving just one four-year term, the first elected president to be defeated in office since 1932.

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