Friday, November 12, 2004

Franklin Pierce Pages

Franklin Pierce Pages - A tribute to the man who has been called America's most obscure President.

From the site:

OK, why? Why go to all the effort -- the research, the writing, the designing -- and, let's be frank here, the considerable expense, to create a website about one of the string of hapless, forgotten, early 19th century American presidents? And why this hapless, forgotten, early 19th century president? And why now? Is it the millennial mood that has colored everything about our lives? Or is it that when we hear the words Bush, Clinton and Gore our immediate associations are with the words "hapless," "forgotten" and "president"? And who the heck was President Franklin Pierce, anyway?

To answer the third question first (the fourth question if you count "OK, why?" as a question), this year marks the 195th year since the birth, and the 130th year since the death, of Franklin Pierce. Reason enough to consider one of the small club of men who have risen to the nation's highest office. But imagine if you will three otherwise educated and well-socialized individuals who, as children, took a sharp and unexpected detour to the Land of Obsession and stopped to drink at the Fountain of Presidents. Well, what you end up with is stacks of books about the presidents that end in the late 1960s or early '70s, posters fit for framing and, in the case of one of us, a set of presidential miniatures that he proudly displays to this day.

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