Tuesday, November 09, 2004

James Madison and James Monroe

James Madison and James Monroe - Features information on America's fourth and fifth presidents with an emphasis on their similarities and differences in politics and childhood.

From the site:

A few years ago two popular singers who had discovered that their work was very sympathetic, each to the other, made a recording that they called "Twin Sons of Different Mothers." That is a phrase which could also be applied to James Madison and James Monroe — and indeed increased to triplets, to include Thomas Jefferson. These men shared so much — and from each came one of the three great documents of the formation of our country in the world, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Monroe Doctrine.

Madison and Monroe were both born in the Northern Neck (as was Washington, and ancestors of many others, including Jefferson), and both spent their mature years on piedmont Virginia farms they loved, in Albemarle and Orange and Loudoun counties. Their lives were tightly interwoven, like brothers — including healthy rivalries, as when Monroe twice ran against Madison, and one major period of strain, when for two years they did not speak to or see each other. And they began and ended their careers as colleagues and personal friends.

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