Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Resonating with Washington Crossing the Delaware

Resonating with Washington Crossing the Delaware - Bus driver's experience tuning in to George Washington in commemoration of the miraculous turning of the American Revolutionary War in its darkest hour.

From the site:

The A&E channel was going to have a special movie about George Washington called "The Crossing" January 10th. The holidays were hectic and I forgot all about it. It's not too uncommon for me to forget something, I do it all the time.

It was a Monday morning and just as I arrived at work to drive my UTA bus an old song came on the radio, "Battle of New Orleans" by Johnny Hortin. I don't know if I quite remember the lyrics, but it goes something like this: "1814 took a little trip, With Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississippi...." As I sat and listened to it, the thought George Washington, crossed my mind and I looked at my watch--January 10th! Yeah, I was not going to miss the movie tonight. The song kept running through my head all day and I kept thinking about General George Washington. I thought about the Revolution and its struggle. I realized how lucky we are to have been a nation at all. All this thinking about Washington and the Revolutionary struggle was driving me crazy. I knew I had to quit thinking about it, so I did.

I was successful for a time until I pulled up behind a car with a window sticker of the original 13 colonies flag and the saying "We were, so you could be." George Washington popped back up in my thoughts for several more minutes and again I was thinking about the revolution. I resigned myself to thinking about it again. There seemed to be no way to stop my thoughts. Again, I managed to.

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