Friday, December 03, 2004

John Adams: Unsung Hero of the American Revolution

John Adams: Unsung Hero of the American Revolution - Examines the role Adams played during the Independence movement.

From the site:

So John Adams has apparently not received his fair share of credit, and glory, in the birth of the United States of America, in light of his contribution to the most important event in its history. This was mostly because he spent his political career situated precariously between two opposing factions represented by some of the greatest men in early American history, the Hamilton Arch-Federalists, and the Jefferson/Madison/Monroe Republicans. Because of this, he was slighted, criticized, insulted, and denied his rightful place and credit in American history, simply because he stood up for what he thought was right for the people of this nation and the precepts and ideals which that nation stood for, a nation which he helped create. The result has been that Independence Day in the United States is celebrated on July 4th, instead of July 2nd.

So then, if you were a proud American citizen, or if you were someone like, let's say, Todd Zeile of the New York Mets baseball team (who has been claimed to be a direct descendant of both John Adams and John Quincy Adams), then you'll be lighting up an old stogie on July 4th every year, and on July 2nd also. And you'll be remembering John Adams and the Adams Family of Massachusetts, the real Adams Family, America's First Family in politics for the first century of its life.

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