Monday, February 14, 2005

Looking for Franklin Pierce's Gravesite

Looking for Franklin Pierce's Gravesite. A tourist's interesting search for Franklin Pierce's gravesite. My wife would never let me hijack a vaction to go looking for a presidential grave...

From the site:

On the way back from a long weekend in Quebec, I was making good time on I-91 and thought, "Y'know, I haven't revisited Pierce's grave and I have shots left on the camera and I have time..." So, at White River Junction I changed course and headed into New Hampshire. The interstate cuts through the White Mountains and the scenery is stunning. I imagine it would be even more starkly beautiful in the winter, but here in late May, the White Moutains were lush green.

While visiting and revisiting the other graves since starting this site, each one was a carefully planned expedition. Thanks to MapQuest I knew just where to go in most cases to find the cemetery. The challenge was in finding the grave once in the cemetery (which was frequently challenge enough with the Vice Presidents). This adventure was different. This was spur of the moment. "Hey guys! Let's go find Franklin Pierce's tomb!" I knew it was in Concord, but beyond that I only had my trusty Rand/McNally road atlas to guide me.

The detail map of Concord had a point of interest labeled "Pierce Manse". This seemed like as good a place as many to start. I left the highway in the midst of a Memorial Day traffic jam and drove through city streets looking for a helpful sign to point the way more precisely.

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