Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Address to the American Indians

Address to the American Indians. RealAudio version of President Wilson's 1915 speech to First People. The file is from The History Channel.

From the site:

On November 5, 1912, Governor Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey was elected president of the United States in a landslide Democratic victory. Soon after his inauguration, President Wilson called for the series of progressive reforms that he had dubbed the "New Freedom" during his successful campaign. Among the legislation requested by Wilson was greater federal support of the Native Americans, a U.S. minority that had been severely marginalized since the end of the armed U.S.-Indian conflicts in the early 1890s. Later that year, the president spoke to a congress of Native Americans and praised them on their "progress to civilization." In the speech, Wilson acknowledged that there were "some dark figures in the history of the white man's dealings with the Indians," but assured the Indian leaders that on the whole the U.S. government's motives and policies had been "wise, just, and benevolent."

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