Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Clinton's Last Days

Clinton's Last Days. Photographs and simple text describe Clinton's last week in office. From Time magazine.

From the site:

When the Bushes arrived for coffee Saturday morning, Bill Clinton was still nursing a paper cut on his finger. He had sliced it during a packing frenzy in the wee hours of Friday, and his friend Harry Thomason had tried to close the cut with Super Glue. Sorting his stuff through the night--an usher said the White House felt like a 7-Eleven all week--Clinton told a story about every gewgaw he was piling into boxes marked LIBRARY, CHAPPAQUA and WASHINGTON.

After a week of rolling parties for everyone from the Cabinet to the cleaning crew, parties so emotional that even Ironman John Podesta puddled up, it came down to saying goodbye to the household staff, which was rumored to have resented the Clintons since Day One. But everyone cried, even Hillary. She hugged one steward so long they segued into a waltz. Clinton gave them all his usual body slam. Another steward said, "I'm really going to miss you, but I hear the next people go to bed at nine."

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