Monday, April 25, 2005

Presidential Baseball

Presidential Baseball. This is a Flash game that compares US Presidents with baseball players throughout history.

From the site:

So why baseball and presidents? We see connections on many levels.

In our day and age, the president is often considered the personification of the United States. He (and someday she) holds the only at-large political office in the nation, and thus is charged with representing all of the American people. Presidents are frequently considered windows into the personalities and values of their times. The same could be said of baseball, which, despite recurring contract and labor disputes, greedy players and miserly owners, remains the nation's pastime. If you are unconvinced of that designation, ask yourself this: When was the last time you saw a president on the gridiron throwing out the first pass of the season, or taking to the hardwood to launch the year's first free throw?

Additionally, most Americans are taught to revere the president, and if visiting the nation's capital will nearly always stop by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to snap a photo of the White House. While acknowledging that aura of respect and mystique that accompanies the office, we also believe it is important to remember that there have been only a few truly great presidents in the nation's history. Some others have amassed solid records, while most have been simply mediocre or poor. Baseball tends to produce similar results on the field, as only a small fraction of big-league players will ever grace the halls of Cooperstown.

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