Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Orleans and The JFK Assassination

New Orleans and The JFK Assassination - Describes an essay about the New Orleans connection to the JFK assassination. Includes information about Clay Shaw and H. L. Hunt.

From the site:

I am a researcher who has been investigating the JFK assassination for the past several years and working on my essay. My main focus has been on Clay Shaw, Permindex, and the oil - defense industry. My essay "The New Orleans Connection" discusses the connections between certain oil and aerospace executives and people connected to the case. I also cover the relationship between New Orleans and Dallas suspects. In addition, the essay takes a look at the activities of Gen. Edwin Walker and H. L. Hunt. The paper also describes the Watergate and LBJ connections to the JFK assassination. I also cover the activities of associates of Clay Shaw (International Trade Mart manager and director). These include David Ferrie and Guy Banister.

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