Monday, June 27, 2005

BlackDog's USA Presidents Crossword Puzzle

BlackDog's USA Presidents Crossword Puzzle. Offers a fun crossword puzzle for youngsters to help them learn the chronological order of the American Presidents.

From the site:

It's easy. Just click in the first square of the word you want to solve then start typing. If a word starts with the same letter across and down, clicking again in the same square changes the direction of the typing. Clicking "Solution" shows the puzzle's solution. Clicking "Reveal" discloses the answer to one clue.

In this puzzle, the clue to the President's name is what number President that President was in the line of all the USA Presidents. For example, George Washington was President Number 1. The President's name can be either the last name or the full name. Enjoy!

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Jennie W said...

I aced this surprise, but it made me feel good.

But as a teaching tool, I dislike rout memorization, which is what this puzzle is. Can you name president number's Zachary Taylor...great for a game show, but not so great in the classroom. I would rather that my students know something about Zachary Taylor than just be able to tell me which number president he was. If I was going to use a puzzle about the presidents in my classroom, I would much rather have something that made them actually know something beyond the order. Like a good question might be "This president was the first to leave US while in office." Anyone know the answer? It could replace one of those numbers....