Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Who is your Favorite President of the United States?

Who is your F avoritePresident of the United States? This is a fun site created by 5th Graders at Pocantico Hills School in 2000. Includes data on past presidents, details on the electoral process, and campaign memorabilia.

From the site:

The United States has had 43 presidents in its history. In November our country selected a new president. Unfortunately, 5th graders are too young to vote! Do you know how a president gets elected? It is not as simple as you think. Learn about the Electoral College. (No, it's not a real college.) Read a brief biography of each of our past presidents. Vote for your favorite president.

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Jennie W said...

I went to try to vote - but my favorite president was not on their list! So I'm voting here - James K. Polk, the only president to actually fulfill all his campaign promises.