Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bill, Hillary and Teddy

Bill, Hillary and Teddy. This article from is a bit more partisan than most I post here. I does this on purpose as I am not trying to take sides on current political events but instead look at neat sites or articles which cover a President or the presidency.

This particluar one looks at how Hillary Clinton is trying to link herself to Teddy Roosevelt. I don't agree with the general tone of the article but if you can get past the political stuff early in the article you will find a good stretch of writing on the life of Teddy Roosevelt.

From the site:

Roosevelt was a founder of the Rough Riders (the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry), which he, as their colonel, described as "cowboys and college graduates fighting together." He led his Rough Riders in their victorious charge up Kettle Hill during the Battle of San Juan against the Spanish in 1898, where wounded and successful, he won the Medal of Honor.

Enormously popular, he returned to New York to be elected governor. Probably to avoid more reforms in the Republican Party, the political bosses persuaded Roosevelt to become the vice presidential candidate to William McKinley in the 1900 election.

In 1901, when President McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo, Theodore Roosevelt went to the White House, at the age of 42, as the youngest president. He served out the term and won his own election three years later.

A true and genuine American hero, Roosevelt established the United States as a world power and popularized the "speak softly and carry a big stick" theory of international diplomacy. He also was a conservationist and established the "square deal" for both rich and poor, built up the Navy, reduced the national debt and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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