Monday, July 18, 2005

Clinton Library's universal appeal seen in its 365,000 visitors

Clinton Library's universal appeal seen in its 365,000 visitors. Well, President Clinton sure has a popular library. In the dead of summer, my library is all but abandonded by patrons. But the crowds are descending on the Clinton Library.

From the site:

The everyman appeal that Bill Clinton peddled in his political campaigns lives on at his presidential library. Among the more than 365,000 visitors who have passed through the library since November, no single demographic stands out.

"I just think he is the only president I'll ever see who will really understand me as a person, and that's why I wanted to see more," said Ava Carter, 48, a black Democrat traveling with James D. Stearns, 55, a white Republican.

At the peak of the summer travel season, business is booming at the Clinton Presidential Library. The museum and library complex along the south bank of the Arkansas River has averaged 10,000 visitors per week for the past nine weeks.

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