Monday, July 25, 2005

Grave hunters bring lively activity to cemeteries

Grave hunters bring lively activity to cemeteries. This is a story from Newsday. It looks at people who visit the graves of famous people as a hobby. It focuses a lot of attention on Patrick Weissend who is attempting to visit the graves of all 38 dead American Presidents.

From the site:

Here lies President Chester A. Arthur, amid the tall trees and tousled grass of Albany Rural Cemetery. A dribble of people still visit the Victorian-style grave of the little remembered 19th century president. More than a century after his death, Arthur is something of a cemetery star.

Consider Patrick Weissend, who traveled hundreds of miles to see Arthur's grave _ twice _ as part of his quest to visit all 38 presidential graves around the country. "This kind of thing gets you off the expressways and you get to see America," said Weissend, a 37-year-old museum director from Batavia, N.Y.

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