Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pearl Harbor Conspiracy: FDR & Churchill Betrayal

Pearl Harbor Conspiracy: FDR & Churchill Betrayal. This essay is from Conspiracy Planet. No, I don't believe FDR knowingly allowed to Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor to bring the USA into World War Two.

I think that myth has been repeatedly and convincingly debunked. Yet, some are still harping on this. As such, this may be of interest to some blog readers. If there was any substance here, don't you think CNN, BBC, Time, or someone more credible would be writing about it? FDR is long dead and whoever could break this story would be famous. But hey, it is at Conspiracy Planet!

From the site:

The body of literature on the Pearl Harbor attack is immense.

In seeking to explore, in print, the subject, the writer is faced with hundreds of books and literally thousands of magazine articles and official reports that are filled with an enormous number of commentaries, facts and theories.

These works fall into two clearly defined categories: pro-Roosevelt and anti-Roosevelt. Pearl Harbor has become a political issue fifty years after the fact and factual reportage has taken a back seat to the maintenance of a myth or its attempted destruction.

Rather than cover hundreds of pages of excerpted official testimony, Japanese and American period documents, postwar evaluations, accusations and defenses, perhaps the most simple and direct course is to set out the most important intercepted Japanese secret governmental messages from the beginning of 1941 through the day of the attack on December 7, 1941 (December 8 Tokyo time).

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