Wednesday, September 14, 2005

President John Tyler: Health & Medical History

President John Tyler: Health & Medical History. Reviews the specific ails of America's 10th President, many of them mysterious to this day. Tyler lived to be 72 but the site indicates he was never really in good health most of his life.

From the site:

Tyler was very thin all of his life.

While a 30 year old Congressman in Washington, Tyler developed an illness that remains difficult to diagnose. Based on Tyler's clear description of the illness it would today be described as a symmetric, generalized, subacute paralysis. His recovery was so slow and prolonged that he resigned from Congress for two years.

Tyler had little faith in doctors. He regularly "took the waters" at various spas in Virginia. He became a believer in sulfur hydrotherapy. He also took "massive" doses of calomel regularly, which may have contributed to his gastrointestinal problems.

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