Monday, October 10, 2005

Billy Beer

Billy Beer. This post is a bit off target. I normally only blog about American Presidents here. However, I found this site on Billy Beer funny. Billy Carter was the brother of President Carter. He provided countless embarrassments for his brother. But he did come out with his own beer! And the cans are not rare at all...

From the site:

This is the Billy Beer can. No, it is NOT rare. There were MILLIONS of cases sold by 4 different breweries in the late 1970s. One estimate of the number of Billy Beer cans made is 2 BILLION. As a result, it is worth about 25 cents at most and then only if it is in very good shape, and if you can find a collector who actually needs one. It is not worth more if it is still full or if it is "air filled." The same lack of any value is true of World's Fair Beer, JR. Beer, MASH Beer, Bicentennial cans, Hudepohl Bengals and Cincinnati Reds cans, etc.

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