Tuesday, October 04, 2005

CNN Cold War Historical Documents: Reagan's 'Star Wars' speech

CNN Cold War Historical Documents: Reagan's 'Star Wars' speech - Transcript of Ronald Reagan's famous speech introducing the concept of a defense system that could destroy missiles from space.

I always loved the term "Star Wars" for this. As a big Star Wars movie fan, it automatically made this Reagan defense plan sound neat to me. I liked it immediately. I realize this term was used to mock the plan but I am sure others in my age group thought as I did.

From the site:

In the following speech, President Ronald Reagan first announced his intentions to develop a new system to reduce the threat of nuclear attack and end the strategy of mutual deterrence.

The system he proposed became known as "Star Wars," after the popular movie, because it was meant to destroy missiles from space. The Soviets feared the system would increase the risk of the United States launching a first attack because U.S. officials would not fear retaliation.

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