Friday, December 16, 2005

New coins to roll out ex-presidents

New coins to roll out ex-presidents. This is a great idea for generating interest in coin collecting! Starting in 2007, four new Presidential dollar coins will be released by order of year of service.

Of course, President Cleveland will get two different coins for his two terms sperated by four years.

From the site:

Coin collectors can look forward to a new series of gold-colored dollar coins depicting portraits of former presidents, according to a report published Friday.

USA Today, citing legislation sent to President Bush on Thursday, said the U.S. Mint will produce four coins each year beginning in 2007 in the order in which the presidents served.

Keeping with tradition, the report said no living presidents will appear on the coins, and the Statue of Liberty will be on the reverse side of the dollars. Grover Cleveland will be on two coins because he served non-consecutive terms, the newspaper said.

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