Monday, January 23, 2006

Presidents At War

Presidents At War. The new issue of US News & World Report has a good article on American Presidents and war. It is a good read.

There is also a page that let's visitors match presidents with their comments on war.

From the site:

America is attacked. The president addresses Congress in stirring terms. Senators and representatives, with a few eccentric exceptions, vote for a declaration of war, and the overwhelming majority of the people support the war effort without stint. The president appoints sterling generals and admirals and superintends massive war production. American troops surge to victory, and peace is made.

This is the picture we have of the way America, and American presidents, go to war. It comports with what we think happened in World War I and, especially, in World War II. In this view of U.S. history, American presidents lead the nation only into wars that are forced upon them.

There's only one problem. This picture is almost entirely contrary to the facts.

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