Friday, March 31, 2006

Game Time!

Well, I was searching for something fun to do since it is Friday…and I found some online games on the Presidents. You get to learn something and have fun!

Presidential Hangman
This is just regular hangman – you guess letters and then try to figure out which President you are spelling. The great thing about this is that you can keep playing – there are all the presidents to choose from the computer brings up a new puzzle and since they are in random order its never ending fun!

20th Century President’s Crossword
This is only good for one time, but it is a great puzzle and could be of use in a classroom.

President Concentration
You have to match the fact with the President while at the same time remember where the right cards (it just like the game show Concentration – only with Presidents). There are only a few variations.

Presidential Matching
This is just a simple matching game – find the fact that goes with the right President. This also only has a few variations.

Presidential Word Search
This is a word search, but you are given facts about the President and you have to find their names. This is only good for time through, but also could be useful in a classroom setting.

Hope you have as much fun at these sites as I did!


Michael said...

Jennie, my wife has been playing these games (especially Presidential Concentration) for two nights straight now. Good finds!

Jennie W said...

Always a pleasure to addict someone new!