Monday, March 27, 2006

Jefferson's Poplar Forest

Jefferson's Poplar Forest. Official site of Jefferson's retreat located in Lynchburg, Va. It supplies visitor information, an events schedule, and a brief history lesson.

The site description reads, "Discover the unexpected Jefferson at his octagonal retreat built at his Poplar Forest plantation in Bedford County, near Lynchburg, VA."

Of course, Thomas Jefferson's main home was Monticello. However, he was also proud of his Poplar Forest residence. He wrote of the house, "When finished, it will be the best dwelling house in the state, except that of Monticello; perhaps preferable to that, as more proportioned to the faculties of a private citizen."

There are a variety of short history articles here describing how the house was restored, Jefferson's life at Poplar Forest, and landscaping/architecture. There are also several articles which discuss the controversy of such a great man owning slaves. These articles attempt to portray Jefferson in a positive light as an enlightened master for his time. The articles on Slavery at Poplar Forest and Jefferson's View of Slavery in particular do this.

This looks like a neat place to visit. At some point, I would like to see both Monticello and Poplar Forest.

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