Friday, March 24, 2006

Rate the Dead Presidents

This is a fun website that offers a lot of interesting information, but what I see as the most fun is that you can rate the presidents. You can just give a number or even write up a comment on your rating if you prefer (and then read what others have written). I swear I wrote comments on this page years ago, but I can't find them...I will have do some digging!

There also is a great page that quotes presidents on each other, some of which are very humorous! Some quotes (I picked some nice and some not so nice):

The next man on my list of great presidents, a man who isn't much thought of these days, is James K. Polk. ....He exercised his powers of the presidency as I think they should be exercised. He was president during the Mexican War, and he was living in an age when the terrible burden of making decisions in a war was entirely in the hands of the president. And when that came about, he decided that that was much more important than going to parties and shaking hands with people. I know exactly how he felt, but in my time there were more able and informed people who were helping the president, and that made a difference. James K. Polk, a great president. Said what he intended to do and did it. --Harry Truman

McKinley has a chocolate ├ęclair backbone. --Theodore Roosevelt, 1898

The honest, simple-hearted soldier had not added prestige to the presidential office. He himself knew that he had failed...that he ought never to have been made President.... He combined great gifts with great mediocrity. --Woodrow Wilson, 1902

Lincoln had a very deep feeling for people, but... he could be tough in a crisis. No one pushed him around. He was a very skillful political operator. --Richard Nixon

The rest of the Dead Presidents Website is devoted to one man’s quest to visit all the presidential gravesites. You can see the information and pictures he has posted.


Nate said...

That dead presidents link is interesting because Truman has a comment for almost every one of his predecessors.

Jennie W said...

President Truman wrote a book called Where the Buck Stops which was a book about the past presidents, early US history and the presidential system. So in essence he wrote a book on the history of the presidency and so he covered all the past presidents - which accounts for all the quotes. The book was published by Margaret Truman (his daughter) after his death.

Nate said...

I was not aware of that, thanks for the info.

Jennie W said...

Nate's site asks us to rank the presidents as well:

I did it...anyone else who wants to take a moment can as well. You will be contributing to what he calls his "unscientific study" to rank the presidents - given them each their own GPA!