Monday, March 06, 2006

Two Blog Posts of Note

Here are two good blog posts of note dealing with American Presidents.

The first is Anniversary of Lincoln's first assassination attempt. It is from 2005 and it is by Norma Bruce. It has information on Lincoln's first assassination attempt which was foiled by a librarian who was his body guard. Got to love those hero librarians like William T. Coggeshall.

The second is by elementaryhistoryteacher. It is George, We Hardly Knew Ye! It deals with how she teaches elementary school students about President Washington including dispelling myths about him. (What, no wooden teeth!)


Jennie W said...

Both these links go the Lincoln site...maybe just a link mishap?

Intereting new tidbit on Lincoln that I didn't know though - a hero for us librarians!

M said...

"Both these links go the Lincoln site...maybe just a link mishap?"

Yes, and now fixed. Thanks.

Jennie W said...

I'm glad that there are teachers out there who are trying to demyth our early "heroes." The book "Lies my history teacher told me" is an excellent read. My brother actually tossed the book at the wall when he learned that Helen Keller was a socialist...we really don't know anything about her beyond that she was deaf and blind, but learned to communicate. I think learning the truth about people like George Washington makes them more heroic and more human - more like someone you can actually see as a human, rather than just a face on a dollar.