Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Visitors passing on presidents' libraries

Visitors passing on presidents' libraries. Can you believe that people are passing on visiting presidential libraries? As a librarian, and a fan of the American Presidency, I am just shocked! OK, not really.

The article notes, "For example, the Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum has seen its attendance plummet nearly 60 percent during the last six years. The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum has weathered an 18 percent drop-off during the same period."

I have visited the Gerald R. Ford Library and enjoyed it. However, I can understand why the average tourist might not find a visit to a presidential library exciting.

Maybe these libraries need to find some way to make a visit fun? Perhaps actors dressed up as a president, an apple festival, a dunk the presidential library director contest, trick or treat with the president at Halloween, etc. Or maybe not. If scholars can find what they need, it really does not matter how many tourists find their way in. But still, there should be some ways to make these places more interesting.

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Nate said...

Of course, the fact that those two presidents were Hoover and Ford probably doesn't help attendence figures.