Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lou Henry Hoover

Mrs. Hoover was an educated and cultured woman who saw much of the world and was involved in many different causes.

Lou Henry Hoover was an independent spirit who received from her family a love of nature and adventure, a sense of self reliance, and the ability to value courage. She received from her education a scientific, analytical mind, and good mental discipline. She received from her husband, Herbert, a partnership characterized by respect and mutual understanding. She received from her children and grandchildren love and admiration. Lou Henry Hoover gave to the world a caring, selfless woman. She gave to thousands of Girl Scouts, guidance and sustained work for many years. She gave to the United States exemplary public service. (From the Hoover Library)

Some thing about Lou Hoover that I find really interesting are:

  • Her geology degree in an era when many women did not go on to higher education, let alone a scientific field
  • Her work with the Girl Scouts
  • Her journeys throughout the entire world
  • Her willingness to stand up for her beliefs, such as inviting the wife of a black Congressman to the White House.

Mrs. Hoover could have done a lot of good as First Lady, but was overshadowed by the Great Depression that hurt her image. The First Ladies Library wrote that, “she also believed that women could do any job a man could do, oftentimes better.”

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