Thursday, May 11, 2006

Presidents at War

This is an interesting article on Presidents at War. It starts with the Barbary Pirates and ends with 9/11 and the Gulf War. It ends with this chart, “But the most difficult decisions, and the greatest burden of responsibility, have rested on America's presidents, who, relying on imperfect information, must make, and have often made, life-and-death decisions without being able to know for certain what effects they will have.”

Then there is an article about how wars have shaped our country, from the War of 1812 to Vietnam. It includes little “lessons for today’s war makers” in each section. For instance, from the Mexican War, they include this lesson: “The law of unintended consequences: Polk got the land, but the war fueled the conflict over slavery, fracturing the Democratic Party and leading to the Civil War. - Michelle Andrews”

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EHT said...

Thanks for the links....I've been working on a post regarding the "shores of Tripoli" but I have had a hard time working through a couple of points I want to link. Very interesting....