Thursday, June 08, 2006

Boilerplate and the Rough Riders

Boilerplate and the Rough Riders. One of the least known facts about the Spanish-American War is that a Victorian era robot named Boilerplate helped Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders on the way to their charge up San Juan hill.

This article explains what happened. It noted, "Roosevelt, sensing the reaction the Spanish might have to Boilerplate, ordered the mechanical man to advance on the position. The effect was dramatic enough: the Spanish troops abandoned the blockhouse and retreated toward Santiago. Only the defenses at San Juan Heights stood between the Americans and the capital of Cuba."

Boilerplate did other things too including aiding in the exploration of Antarctica. For more details, see the main site History of a Victorian Era Robot.

Please note that Boilerplate is a hoax! This is a great site that is a lot of fun but it all springs from the imagination of the site creator. I hope you enjoy it. Something tells me that Teddy Roosevelt may have liked the idea of a robot in general but would have refused to allow one in combat.

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