Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Carnival has arrived....

Welcome to the 33rd edition of history carnival! Thanks to everyone who nominated sites - there was a lot of great blogging out there!

Art History Questions

How do we decide what is considered "art?" This is the question that Revise and Dissent asks about Paleolithic paintings.

Now if we know what we define as art, how do we decide what is authentic? This is the question that A Don's Life discusses using the example of a marble bust of the Roman Emperor Commodus that experts are currently debating whether is ancient or modern.

Grotesque art? Check out these strange faces (go look - you will have to redefine your use of the word grotesque) at Giornale Nuova.

Historical Fiction or Non Fiction?

Kevin Levin reviewed Bruce Levine's new book, Confederate Emancipation, at Civil War Memory to investigate the problematic historical debate over blacks in the Confederate army.

If you liked the Da Vinci Code then you will enjoy the tale of the Beale Ciphers at Interesting Thing of the Day. Will the last message ever be encrypted or was the entire thing a hoax?

Miland Brown at World History Blog offers an opinion Matyszak's biography of Julius Caesar, which denotes Caesar as a war criminal rather than the usual laudatory analysis.

Bill at Language Log discusses the problems of the linguistic evidence used in the book 1421: The Year China Discovered America.

A case of mistaken identity in the literary community? Mode For Caleb brings up recent scholarship that proves Emma Dunham Kelley Hawkins, who has been considered an African-American writer, was actually white.

Iraq Comparisons:

New (or not so new?) documents from Kissinger about Vietnam that Jussi Hanhimaki (OUPblog) argues could help shed some light on the situation in Iraq.

Sean's Russia Blog compares the situation in Iraq with the one in Chechnya.

Other (So I couldn't find a way to link this group other than I thought they were worth including...)

Let's mix some history and science. John Hawks has an interesting post on Neanderthal mitochondria.

A new evil number? Read the argument for 42 rather than 666 as the Biblical number of the beast at Early Modern Whale.

How free was the fledging USA? Muhlberger's Early History discusses the plight of African-Americans in early America.

Can you define the world frontier? ElementaryHistoryTeacher delves into the topic of defining the different frontiers of history at History is Elementary.

From a fun and succient look at the Marquis de Sade check out The Skwib.

Reality Check

Natalie just cycled Hadrian's Wall and journals her trip at Philobiblon.

The Civil War is still making the news with the re-burial of six Union soldiers.

Read about the deaths of archeologists in the field at Salto Sobrius.

Upcoming Carnival

Want to contribute next time? Submit your posts to the next edition of history carnival! This will be held July 1st at Chapati Mystery by Sepoy. You can submit via the carnival submission form or email Sepoy: sepoy[AT] For past and upcoming carnivals check out the history carnival index page. For more information on other carnivals, see the uber-carnival page.


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Nicely done Jennie! Thanks.

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Thanks for including me, Jennie, and thanks for taking on the carnival. I can't wait to read everything. There are some sites here that are new to me and, I love new things!