Monday, June 05, 2006

Coolidge Humor

Coolidge Humor. I really enjoyed reading this page from Silent Cal was rather witty!

Here is my favorite:

President and Mrs. Coolidge once visited a government farm, taking separate tours. Mrs. Coolidge expressed some interest in a prize rooster. The farmer told her that the rooster was able to perform the sex act several times a day. Mrs. Coolidge told the farmer "Tell that to Mr. Coolidge when he comes by." When he got there, the farmer told him about it. Coolidge asked "Is it with the same hen every time?" "No," the farmer said, "it's with a different hen each time." Coolidge said "Be sure to tell that to Mrs. Coolidge."

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Jennie W said...

Those are very funny!

I like this one:
During an extended period of rain, a Senator rhetorically asked the President if the rain was ever going to stop. In true Vermont fashion, Coolidge said "Well, it always has."